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Winston's Next Release:
Commercial Consciousness: Breaking The Mind Control
Coming To DVD & Transcript May 2014

Whether you've been studying this genre of information for years or you've just recently "awakened" to it, chances are that you've questioned why the truth is so elusive in commerce.

In his latest lecture, Winston will expose the many ways in which our thoughts are no longer our own when it comes to commerce.  Listen in as he reveals the elements of deception used throughout history to prevent us from taking control of our commercial livelihood.   In this important lecture, Winston will also share insight on how to break the "mind control" that is holding you back. 
Stay tuned for details on the upcoming release!


Now Available On DVD and Transcript:

You've heard Winston repeat this term time and time again - "operating in bankruptcy". But do you truly understand the meaning behind it?

In this thought-provoking new lecture, Winston will examine the underlying thought process of how we really operate in our current commercial system - particularly corporate entities. Winston also reviews the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods of bankruptcy, specifically Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, and looks at the possibility of using bankruptcy approaches for administrative processes.

Topics of Discussion Include:

* Historical Analysis of Bankruptcy
* Chapter Eleven Described
* Two Main Styles of Bankruptcy Protection
* Bankruptcy Examples
* B10 & Bankruptcy As An Asset
* Filing An Adversarial Complaint
* Involuntary Bankruptcy
* Questions & Answers

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To get your copy, visit our eStore - www.wssic.com/storews



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